General Information:

Course name and number: 3502 Architectural Design Studio IV (5:2:8)

Tonality: Integration. Studio reinforces the integration of structural, environmental control, building envelope, and building service systems into the design of the building.

Prerequisite: 3501 Architectural Design Studio III

Credits: 5 semester credit hours

Meeting Time: MWF 01:00-04:20 PM


Tsubaki (Interim Coordinator), Abusalim, Aranha, Harris, Louden, Markovich, Pongratz, Vogler

Course Introduction:

ARCH 3502 examines the underlying strategies, tactics and techniques of integration. Emphasis is placed on developing a systematic approach to architectural design while simultaneously dealing with the development of design theory and intellectual inquiry. Proficiency in architectural design is acquired through focused iteration. The studio integrates building systems and codes with previously introduced architectural design issues:

formal ordering systems (space, form, light, scale, proportion), precedents/case studies, development of research, writing, and graphic/technical documentation skills, site, context, environmental conservation, and accessibility, building program, structural order, materials/assemblies and development of design details.

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3502: Architectural Design Studio IV

Integration Studio