DSGN5200/6020: Thesis Design Studio

Discipline and Process of Design Investigation

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Thesis Design Studio will continue work started in the fall semester’s Thesis Research and Analysis course. Having established a conceptual framework and developed an appropriate vehicle project program, site, and relevant precedents in the prerequisite course, the spring studio segment will focus on design-based research to further test and explore each student’s stated priorities in architectural terms. Continuing to apply both traditional scholarly, and design-based research methods, students will pursue means by which architecture can engage broader issues in culture, community, and the state of the world at large.

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While broad-mindedness and ambition in establishing relevance and significance of the thesis project is expected, it should be stressed that architecture as a discipline and as a mode of inquiry will determine the process, methodology, and eventually, the success or failure of the proposition. Final projects will be rigorously researched, developed, and represented.