DSGN320: Undergraduate Comprehensive Studio

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- Andy Warhol

comprehensive |ˌkämpriˈhensiv|


1 complete; including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something : a comprehensive list of sources.

2 archaic of or relating to understanding.

NAAB Student Performance Criteria:

Comprehensive Design: Ability to produce a comprehensive architectural project that demonstrates each student’s capacity to make design decisions across scales while integrating the following SPC:

A.2. Design Thinking Skills

A.4. Technical Documentation

A.5. Investigative Skills

A.8. Ordering Systems

A.9. Historical Traditions and Global Culture

B.2. Accessibility

B.3. Sustainability

B.4. Site Design

B.5. Life Safety

B.8. Environmental Systems

B.9. Structural Systems

Comprehensiveness is often misunderstood as a laundry list of multiple criteria. The success is typically measured in terms of how many performance criteria you have complied with and integrated into the project as a whole.

This studio takes an alternative approach. It regards the comprehensiveness not as a simple check list. Rather, it regards it as a result of the negotiation between various layers of ideas and criteria. The conflicts amongst these ideas and criteria are the source of the individual creativity. Thus, the success of the project is measured in terms of how these multiple ideas and performance criteria are woven into one another to create a cohesive whole, not as an relentless pursuit of singular idea.

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The studio will follow the general course assignments and structure as defined in the course syllabus. However it will be overlaid with incremental assignments specifically tailored to the goal of this studio.

The studio will also require an extensive use of both, traditional form of modeling as well as computer modeling. Google Sketch-Up will not be accepted. It is not suitable for a sophisticated design exploration and fabrication required in this studio. You must be willing to learn and use one of the following 3D software; Form Z, 3D-Max or Rhino. Basic skills on Adobe Suite (Illustrator & Photoshop) will also be a requirement.

“Performance” is an empirical process of improvisation and adjustment through trial and error. It is fundamentally a self-discovery process. “Student Performance” in this studio is also evaluated as such. Disciplined, self-directed recovery from a spectacular error is valued over mediocre success merely following the instructions.

Silver Clouds 1966 / Warhol

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