DSGN2200/6200: Architecture Studio

Poetics of Material Assembly


Resources *will be updated periodically


Lecture 1: Evolution of HTML / A. Corrigan

Download: HTML-ACorrigan Lec.pdf

Lecture 2: The Organization and Evolution of Special Collections at Tulane University / A. Corrigan

Download: The Special Collections.pdf

Lecture 3: Portfolio Design

Download: PORTFOLIO Lecture.pdf

The Commons

Design Advisory Committee Presentations

Download: Tulane Commons_Design Advisory Committee Presentation_with trees.pdf

Courtesy of Tulane University Architects Office and Weiss/Manfredi

*may take a few minutes to download - 60mb+/- file

Articles on Library

Bourdieu, P. et.al. The User of Lille University Library.

/Academic Discourse/ Linguistic Misunderstanding and Professorial Power. Polity Press. p122-133

Dowload: Bourdieu_Lille Library.pdf

Cunningham et. al. Learning space attributes: reflections on academic library design and its use. Journal of Learning Spaces. Vol. 1, No. 2. 2012.


Weinberger, D. Library as Platform, Library Journal. September 4, 2012

Download: Library as Platform.pdf

Mattern, S. Library as Infrastructure. Place Journal. June, 2014.

Download: Library as Infrastructure.pdf

Friend, F. Mission and Purpose of Academic Libraries in the 21st Century.


Mattern, S. Geometries of Reading, Light of Learning: Louis I. Kahn’s Library at Phillips Exeter. Nexus Network Journal. September, 2010.


Books on Reserve

Campbell, J. The library: a world history. University of Chicago Press. Chicago, Illinois. 2013.

Schnapp, J.T. The library beyond the book. Harvard University Press. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 2014.

Casson, L.  Libraries in the ancient world. Yale University Press. New Haven, Connecticut / London, UK. c2001

Manguel, A. The library at night. Yale University Press. New Haven, CT. 2008, c2006

Crawford, A. ed. The meaning of the library; a cultural history. Princeton University Press. Princeton, New Jersey. 2015.

ADA Related Resources

ADA Guidelines: ADA_ag.pdf

ADA Planing Guides: PlanningGuide.pdf

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design:


Zoning / Building Code

Institutional Campus related Zoning Code: Article 15

City of New Orleans Current Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance:


City of New Orleans Property Viewer:  http://property.nola.gov

ICC IBC (2012): International Building Code (January 1, 2012):




General Design Guideline Resources

Graphic Standards - Furnishing/Equipment Dimensions and Layout: Design Dims.pdf