Lost in Translation: a NOLA-Kyoto connection

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Program Statement:

The goal of this study abroad studio is to re-contextualize the familiar (New Orleans, LA) by dislocating to the unfamiliar (Kyoto, Japan). The studio project serves as a connective tissue between the two cities. Kyoto is a city steeped in tradition and cultural heritage outside of the typical western society. Comparable in many ways to the city of New Orleans, it is an ideal candidate for this purpose.

The studio will engage in a project centered around the idea of cultural juxtaposition sited in post-Katrina New Orleans. The project is derived from each students’ first hand traveling experiences and the rigorous comparison between Kyoto and New Orleans. Both cities possess an extremely rich cultural heritage and urban fabric. The striking historical, contextual, environmental and cultural parallels / contrasts between the two will be a potent source for inquiry and knowledge, informing the design.

The studio will spend considerable amount of time in Kyoto to study the traditional and vernacular architecture and its urban fabric. However, in order to contextualize the traditional Japanese culture, we will also take an excursion to Tokyo to examine the modern city full of contemporary Japanese architecture.

The two supporting courses will accompany the studio to address the architectural scale and urban scale issues relevant to the trip.

DSGN 430 Design Studio / Japan

Instructor: J. Klingman / K Tsubaki

A Japanese Consulate/ Visiting Scholar House for New Orleans

AVSM537 Advanced Visual Media

Instructor: J. Klingman

Introduction to Japanese Architecture: history, culture and material precedents

ADGM609 Advanced Digital Media

Instructor: K. Tsubaki

The urban morphology of Kyoto and New Orleans

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John P. Klingman, RA.

Favrot Professor of Architecture / TSA

Director of Japan Study Abroad Program

Kentaro Tsubaki, RA.

Assistant Professor of Architecture / TSA

Ryoan-ji Rock Garden                                             ©Tsubaki